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After twelve years as a reportage and portrait photographer, I developed an interest in working with glass. As photography escaped the darkroom and became a digital process, I found myself attracted to traditional craftsmanship and to skills that offered a more hands-on, tactile experience.

Eventually, I decided to synthesize the two.

Between 2001 and 2003 I studied Glass and Fine Art at Central St Martin’s College. It was there that I started silk-screening my black and white photographs onto glass. I juxtaposed related pictures and created collages that told a story that couldn’t be captured in a single image.

These pieces were built as panels and displayed in different ways – wall mounted,  in custom made light-boxes or naturally backlit and have been exhibited around the United Kingdom.

The combination of techniques reflects a theme I like to explore – the co-existence of the new with the old. And it enabled me to develop a more personal, graphic style.

In 2005 I joined Lead & Light, a well-established Glass Studio in North London’s Camden Town, and have worked there for eight years as Principle Designer and Glass Cutter. This experience has given me the opportunity to develop such traditional skills as Etching, Lead Working, Copper Foiling and Glass Painting which I studied at the Swansea Institute in 2010.

Today, my work falls into two distinct categories:

Traditional – reproductions and restorations of Glass Art using conventional and time-honored techniques.

Contemporary – commissions that combine a variety of techniques, old and new, to create a bold and very modern, illustrative style.

My glass, both contemporary and traditional, is used in domestic, corporate and public settings. I work closely with my clients to ensure we employ the right techniques, the right process and the right materials to create the exact effect they are trying to achieve.