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Traditional Glass Work


After working as a reportage and portrait photographer for twelve years, I studied glass and fine art at Central Martin’s college between 2001 and 2003.

I developed a graphic style that used photographic collages on glass to explore the narrative of urban renewal and decay.

This process led me to develop an interest in the traditional customs and techniques of Glass Art as I wanted to expand the aesthetic range of my work.

In 2005 I joined Lead & Light, a well-established Glass Studio in North London, and have worked there for eight years as Principle Designer and Cutter. This experience has given me the opportunity to develop such traditional skills as Etching, Lead Working, Copper Foiling and Glass Painting which I studied at the Swansea Institute in 2010.

These methods have led me to work extensively in the areas of Reproduction and Renovation – both of which require high levels of technical as well as artistic accuracy.

The pieces are used in domestic, public and corporate settings and so I work closely with private clients, interior designers and architects to ensure the design, process and materials capture the exact effect they are trying to create.