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Traditional Work Process

My traditional work tends to follow a well-established process.

I visit the site and work closely with clients to develop a clear understanding of what they want to achieve. It may be that there is a style determined by the building or by the street or neighborhood in which the building is situated. Or my client may have a very specific idea in mind.

I then work up some rough sketches for approval before drawing the final ‘cartoon’. Once approved, we make some fundamental decisions on materials and manufacture. What colors of glass are we going to use? Will it be transparent, opaque, clear or textured? Will the glass be etched, leaded or copper foiled (the Tiffany effect)?

Only when all of these options have been explored do I cut the glass and assemble the components.

Fitting is the critical, final stage. If I am going to install the piece, I take all the preliminary measurements. However, if a builder is in charge of the final fitting, I will require them to supply the exact dimensions.

Either way, I will be on hand at the time of completion to ensure the outcome is perfect.