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Contemporary Work Process

My contemporary work is less constrained by traditional process and materials. But my approach is very much the same.

I start by visiting the site and working closely with the clients to establish exactly what they want to achieve. We discuss ideas and I then develop some rough concepts and sketches to explore the possibilities.

As much of my contemporary work involves photography, we discuss how we are going to source the images. Sometimes I’ll shoot the pictures myself, or we may find something suitable in a photo library. And sometimes the client may have photographs of their own that they would like to incorporate into the work.

Once a final design is approved, we decide on the different processes that will be required to manufacture the piece.

There is a broad palette of options. We can use and combine screen printing, hand painting, glass fusing, laminating and etching. And we carefully consider the color, opacity and texture of the glass and how it is going to be cut.

Only when all critical decisions have been made and approved do I start production.

Fitting is the critical, final stage. If I am going to install the piece, I take all the preliminary measurements. However, if a builder is in charge of the final fitting, I will require them to supply the exact dimensions.

Either way, I will be on hand at the time of completion to ensure the outcome is perfect.